About us

About us

ASIO-SK Ltd. is a Slovak engineering and supply company that works in the field of development, production and supply of technologies for wastewater and water treatment. The company also focuses on the supply of graywater recycling technologies and rainwater management, where the portfolio includes AS-TTE® for permeable surfaces, rainwater storage and distribution tanks and infiltration systems.

The company ASIO-SK Ltd.  as a part of the international ASIO Group* established itself on the Slovak market in 1997.  The seat of the company became the town of Bytča. Until the mentioned period, deliveries of products and technological units of the ASIO Group in Slovakia were realized through the company ASIO Ltd. (CZ). At the time of the company’s establishment, the company had 3 employees. At the time of the entry of ASIO-SK Ltd. on the Slovak market, a manufacturing company in Modra was also established. The company has been producing ASIO technologies from the very beginning. With the expansion of the product portfolio, production volumes and assembly of technological units, an assembly plant was established in Žilina at the turn of 1999/2000. Since that period, ASIO-SK  Ltd. increases its turnover year-on-year and becomes one of the leading suppliers of water management technologies in Slovakia. In 2001, the assembly part of ASIO-SK Ltd. transformed into a production plant, which was relocated from Žilina to new premises in Bytča. During these years, the company ‘s technologists participated in the research and development of new technologies and products that successfully enriched the company’s product portfolio.

Production plant of ASIO-SK Ltd.  is equipped with the latest plastic welding technology. Capacity and space options enable the production of large technological elements, which in connection with the excellent direct connection of the production plant to the highway Bratislava – Žilina – Košice enables optimal transport logistics. Cooperation with a number of construction and engineering companies in the supply of water management products allows us to respond flexibly to the production of atypes, specialties and unusual design solutions.

*ASIO Group is an association of closely cooperating companies that are connected by contract or property. The association externally pursues a common trade policy. Within the association is a unified process quality management system, from development, production to product sales. 

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