The best domestic wastewater treatment plant in Slovakia!

The AS-iNutricut wastewater treatment plant is designed for the treatment of municipal sewage. The name of the WWTP expresses its ability to remove nutrients – the WWTP not only removes organic pollution from wastewater, but also removes nitrogen and phosphorus (N, P). The WWTP thus perfectly protects the recipient from eutrophication* and, in the case of discharges into groundwater, also protects groundwater from pollution. AS-iNutricut is ready for a new round of legislative protection of the environment – surface and groundwater.

Why is the AS-iNutricut wastewater treatment plant the best?

  • i – the first smart domestic WWTP in Slovakia
  • fully automatic operation with proven high reliability and efficiency
  • fully automatic control system which adjusts the operation of the WWTP according to load
  • automatic regulation of the amount of activated sludge in the WWTP – original solution
  • the first on the market with low-cost surplus sludge disposal
  • high efficiency of N and P nutrient removal = river protection against eutrophication *
  • drainage parameters allowing the use of treated water for irrigation
  • version with drain sanitation = recycling of treated water
  • possibility of remote monitoring of WWTPs
  • reliable robust construction

Basic types of AS-iNUTRICUT


2-5 people
  • dimensioned for an average flow of approx. 0.6 m3 / day
  • Suitable 2-5 people in the household
  • Basic dimensions ø1200 x 2020mm
  • Weight: 150kg


5-9 people
  • dimensioned for an average flow of approx. 1.2 m3 / day
  • Suitable 5-9 people in the household
  • Basic dimensions ø1700 x 2020mm
  • Weight: 230kg


6-13 people
  • dimensioned for an average flow of approx. 1.8 m3 / day
  • Suitable 6-13 people in the household
  • Basic dimensions ø2100 x 2020mm
  • Weight: 280kg


8-18 people
  • dimensioned for an average flow of approx. 2.4 m3 / day
  • Suitable 8-18 people in the household
  • Basic dimensions ø1900 x 2820mm
  • Weight: 380kg

Basic types of AS-iNUTRICUT


The WWTP works on an improved SBR principle where the control unit with a microprocessor decides on the correct operation. In addition, the WWTP is equipped with an ingenious sludge removal method. Excess activated sludge removal is controlled in automatic mode. In the case of a lower load, less excess sludge is drawn off and in the case of a higher load, more is drawn off.

In this way, we can regulate the amount of sludge in the AS-iNutricut WWTP. The optimal amount of sludge is the basis for achieving high efficiency of WWTPs and for reliable achievement of nutrient removal from WWTPs. For sites with a strict regime of compliance with low concentrations of P (sites with the occurrence of eutrophication in the recipient or pond) we can supply the type of WWTP with phosphorus precipitation equipment, where the outflow parameters of phosphorus are even lower than the basic type of WWTP. In the case of the idea of using treated water for reuse, we offer sanitation of treated water using a UV lamp.

The wastewater treatment plant has a simple installation, a simple fully automatic operation without the need to ensure the demanding removal of excess sludge. Excess sludge disposal is solved by means of an integrated dewatering device, which ensures the removal and accumulation of excess sludge in a dewatered form in a separate device. The collected and dewatered sludge is used in composting. All this makes it the first intelligent WWTP in Slovakia.

ASIO-SK euforizovane
eutrophic recipient
recipient without eutrophication

description of technology AS-iNUTRICUT

Wastewater flows through the inlet basket into the primary part of the innovated SBR reactor of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), where the inlet is calmed and mechanical impurities are partially separated. The wastewater in the SBR reactor undergoes a purification process. The cleaning takes place in 6 phases. During the day, the phases of aeration, intermittent aeration, sedimentation, flushing, removal of treated water and sludge removal alternate. During the aeration phase, the tank is filled and aerobic cleaning processes take place at the same time. Floating microorganisms clustered into flakes remove organic pollution by aerobic degradation and transform it into CO2, H2O and also convert it into new biomass. In the sedimentation phase, when the aeration is switched off, an interface – activated sludge – purified water is created in the reactor.

Before pumping the treated water from the WWTP, the exhaust pipe is first flushed with clean water to the primary part of the WWTP. This prevents unwanted draining of insoluble substances into the effluent. The purified water is then drawn into a gutter. Excess sludge generated at the WWTP is pumped to the drainage facility at regular intervals, according to the control system, where it is stored for subsequent disposal. All 6 cleaning phases take place fully automatically using RS and the internal original AS-iNutricut design.


Other possibilities

  • WWTP monitoring using AS-GSM – allows you to monitor the operation and inform the owner via
    message about faults and operating conditions.

  • It is possible to supply the WWTP with a free-standing pillar or a wall cabinet for the blower and
    the control unit.

WWTP installation

  • Installation is simple – the tank is installed in the trench on the underlying concrete slab, connected to the sewer and connected by hoses stored in the protector to the control unit (and blower), which is connected to electricity – 230V.

Photo gallery from the installation of the AS-iNutricut WWTP

The AS-iNutricut WWTP was certified by the renowned company TÜV SÜD.


Dr. Ing. Karol Kratochvíl

Dr. Ing. Karol Kratochvíl

Sales and technical representative for municipal  WWTPs 100 – 10 000 PE,  industrial WWTPs, air purification, sludge dewatering, pilot plant and laboratory models of WWTPs.