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– we have been working with wastewater and rainwater technologies for more than 20 years. First of all, we design, but also patent, manufacture, supply and, of course, install equipment and technologies. We clean the wastewater and then return it clean to nature. We also treat rainwater in a similar way. If they are polluted, we first clean them and then return them to nature. Either by infiltration at the point of impact which increases groundwater reserves or we use them for technical purposes in buildings or industrial plants.

municipal WWTP

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The company ASIO-SK Ltd. as a fixed part of the international ASIO Group established itself on the Slovak market in 1997. The production plant of ASIO-SK Ltd. is equipped with the latest plastic welding technology. Capacity and space options allow us to produce large technological elements and the excellent direct connection of the production plant to the highway Bratislava – Žilina – Košice allows optimal transport logistics. We cooperate with a number of construction and engineering companies in the supply of water management products and, given our capabilities, we can also respond flexibly to the production of atypical, specialties and unusual design solutions.

A network of water and green elements built in harmony with nature, which is used in architecture to solve climate problems, to maintain water in cities, to improve the air or to alleviate the microclimate.


The domestic wastewater treatment plant makes it possible to replace a septic tank or cesspit and is therefore most often used for activating aerobic treatment of wastewater from buildings that cannot be connected to the sewerage  system.

Our company is a long-term Slovak manufacturer of swimming pools and therefore we know exactly what you need! We approach each implementation responsibly and it does not matter whether it is the largest pool in Slovakia or a pool in your garden.

water management solution education and enthusiasm

AS-ANAcomb 400 NP pre IKEA Belehrad
Municipal WWTP

AS-ANAcomb 400 NP for IKEA Belgrade

Implementation: March – April 2017 Project: WWTP AS-ANAcomb 400 NP for IKEA Belgrade During March and April, we implemented a WWTP for the IKEA store

Komunálne čistiarne odpadových vôd - ASIO-SK, s.r.o.
Municipal WWTP

WWTP Veľké Kostolany 3000 PE

The first project of AGS technology AS-GranBio® was the intensification of the municipal WWTP in the village of Veľké Kostoľany. The original WWTP had SBR

Komunálne čistiarne odpadových vôd - ASIO-SK, s.r.o.
Municipal WWTP

WWTP Veľké Kostolany 3900 PE

The construction of a satellite town in Veľké Kostoľany additionally increases the capacity of the existing WWTP and therefore it was necessary to design the