Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

Our company ASIO-SK Ltd. designs, projects and supplies industrial wastewater treatment plants.

The scope of solved industrial wastewater by our company is really wide.

It starts with the treatment of industrial wastewater from the food industry, continues through wastewater from agricultural operations, then it is wastewater from the automotive industry, wastewater from engineering industry, wastewater from the chemical industry, rendering plant and ends with landfill wastewater treatment.

significant technologies proven in the practice of industrial wastewater treatment plants

UASB reactors

Low biomass production and low energy consumption – no aeration is required and in addition biogas is produced in the reactor.

ECSB reactors

High performance reactors – HydroThane STP ® ECSB in cooperation with HydroThane Holding B.V. from the Netherlands.

AS-FLOT Flotation

AS-Flot – DAF floatation units are hired in the field of physico-chemical cleaning.


AS-GranBio® technology protected by a patent application and utility model.

reason to choose us parameters of industrial WWTPs

low electricity consumption

We are focused on such a design of WWTP so that the consumption of electricity per m 3 of cleaned wastewater is as low as possible.

For this reason, we have in our portfolio several low-energy technologies that we use in specific solutions for industrial wastewater treatment plants.

In addition, more technologies produce lower amounts of excess sludge, which again reduces operating costs.

operational reliability

After more than 20 years on the market and a number of implementations, we can design and supply such technological industrial wastewater treatment plants that have high reliability and long life.

That is why when designing WWTPs, we give space to quality over quantity, which our customers appreciate.

custom products

Do you need a custom products for your company?

This is not a problem for us.

Technological designs of WWTPs are made both in terms of requirements for the quality of treated water, as well as in terms of reliability of WWTP operation and in terms of investment and operating costs.

quality project documentation

Experts who understand the technical problem and are always one step ahead work on the project documentation. 

Thanks to these assumptions, they are able to anticipate and prevent unexpected situations that could occur during the installation or operation of the WWTP.


During the operation of our WWTP, you can always turn to us for advice and technical assistance, which many of our clients like to use in the first years.

In addition, we offer you consulting services in the operation of WWTPs, even if we have not designed or implemented it.

cleaner environment

The technical solutions and technologies used are treated against the undesirable spread of odors. On the contrary, if you have problems with the production of undesirable odors in production or if you have an existing WWTP with such a problem, we can suggest their disposal. With the help of a PCO device based on photocatalytic oxidation, we can eliminate any problem in this area.

free quote

Are you expanding production? Is your WWTP obsolete?

Do you have a requirement for stricter outflow parameters?

We will be happy to prepare a price-technical offer for the supply of an industrial WWTP for your company completely free of charge.

we like to solve complicated tasks


Dr. Ing. Karol Kratochvíl

Dr. Ing. Karol Kratochvíl

Sales and technical representative for municipal  WWTPs 100 – 10 000 PE,  industrial WWTPs, air purification, sludge dewatering, pilot plant and laboratory models of WWTPs.