Municipal WWTP AS-GranBio®

Municipal WWTP AS-GranBio®

Komunálne čistiarne odpadových vôd - ASIO-SK, s.r.o.

At ASIO-SK Ltd., we have been dealing with municipal wastewater treatment plants for more than 20 years. Thanks to this, we approach problematic WWTPs analytically and precisely in order to find out why they do not work and bring them on the right path. Because such municipal wastewater treatment plants then make joy not only for us and the operators, but especially for the animals and habitat in the recipient into which they open. We look at those who operate almost unattended, and we also analyze their situation in order to take advantage of their advantages and ease of operation in future projects.

Municipal wastewater treatment plants - modern trends

Based on the data obtained in practice and following modern trends in wastewater treatment, we decided to invest time and money in the research of progressive new AGS technology (aerobic granular sludge). We were pleasantly surprised by the result and today we are happy to present you the most modern WWTPs for municipal wastewater treatment plants in the World. The new municipal wastewater treatment plant, which we named AS-GranBio ® , is protected by a patent application (PP 143-2018) and a utility model (8662-2020.)

technology in terms of sustainable development

low electricity power consumption

significant reduction of the carbon footprint

non - use of chemicals in disposal

 reducing the environmental impact of chemicals that no longer need to be applied

smaller built-up volumes

 saving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint

unique patented technology the reason to choose us

Are you planning a new wastewater treatment plant using state-of-the-art technology at a low investment price and the lowest operating costs?

Do you have problems with WWTP SBR or new MBR technology, or with WWTP based on conventional activation?

Do you plan to expand the capacity, reconstruct or modernize your WWTP?

AGS AS-GranBio ® technology

AGS AS-GranBio ® technology does not require a settling tank, denitrification mixers, recirculation pumps and operates in simultaneous denitrification mode, so electricity consumption is the lowest of all other technologies used in municipal wastewater treatment. In addition, AS-GranBio ® technology works with a high sludge age and therefore the production of excess sludge is lower compared to other technologies, which is reflected in lower operating costs in the treatment of excess sludge.

low power consumption

The AS-GranBio ® WWTP operates in a simultaneous denitrification mode and therefore does not need recirculation pumps or  denitrification section mixers. Power saving energy is significant in this arrangement and therefore WWTPs with this technology consume a minimum of electricity energy compared to other technologies on the market.

operational reliability

After more than 20 years on the market and a number of implementations, we can design and supply such technological equipment that has high reliability and long life. That is  why we give space to quality over
quantity, which our customers greatly appreciate.

custom products

The technological designs of the WWTP take into account both the requirements for the quality of treated water and the requirements from the point of view of the reliability of the WWTP operation and from the point of view of investment costs, but mainly with emphasis on low operating costs.

quality project documentation

Experts who understand the technical problem and are always one step ahead work on the project documentation. Thanks to these assumptions, they are able to anticipate and prevent unexpected situations that could occur during the installation or operation of the WWTP. 

free quote

Try us and our AGS technology for municipal wastewater! 

We will prepare a price-technical offer for the supply of a municipal WWTP for your municipality or city completely free of charge.

custom products

Our employees will prepare a tailor-made solution for you. Technological designs of WWTPs are made both in terms of requirements for the quality of treated water, as well as in terms of reliability of WWTP operation and in terms of investment costs, but mainly with emphasis on low operating costs. 

main advantages of the new technology

2- 3 x

smaller total volume of WWTP

40- 40 %

lower electricity consumption

20 %

less production of excess sludge

80 %

removal of P without the need for chemical precipitants

80 %

NH 4 + removal

80 %

total removal N

we like to solve complicated tasks


Dr. Ing. Karol Kratochvíl

Dr. Ing. Karol Kratochvíl

Sales and technical representative for municipal  WWTPs 100 – 10 000 PE,  industrial WWTPs, air purification, sludge dewatering, pilot plant and laboratory models of WWTPs.