AS-FLOT flotation

AS-FLOT flotation

The principle of AS-FLOT technology is based on a separation process that is used to separate dispersed particles from a liquid. During flotation, the dirt particles aggregate with the air microbubbles to form a flotation foam lighter than water. The foam is carried to the surface of the flotator, from where it is removed to the hopper. Wastewater contains specific dissolved organic pollution, which is manifested in high concentrations of indicators BOD5, COD, EL, SS. The temperature is also fluctuating, especially of wastewater from meat production. According to the requirement for output parameters, we are able to design, supply and ensure the installation and operation of not only mechanical pre-treatment, but also biological treatment. Biological treatment is proposed when there is a requirement to release water into the recipient. Sewage is not fed for mechanical pre-treatment – flotation. They open directly into the activation part of the WWTP after a separate mechanical pre-treatment.


basic design parameters

Average water pollution from the food industryExpected drainage requirements (given by the sewerage regulations)
Indicator mg/lAverage [mg/l]Maximum [mg/l]Efficiency requirement  [%]

The flotation unit works on the principle of compressed air flotation.

Recirculation and air saturation takes place in the so-called aerator. The pressure of the recirculated water is reached by the pump, the air pressure by the compressor or the compressed air distribution in the building. The dirt particles collect at a surface where a continuous layer is formed, which is periodically removed by a raking device and drawn into a collecting trough. Flotation foam drains into a container or underground tank. The foam is made up of extractable contaminants and they are mainly fats. Because fats make up a significant proportion of impurities in wastewater in the meat industry, their reduction also leads to a significant reduction in pollution, both fat itself and other indicators such as. NL (insoluble matter), and indicators of dissolved organic pollution, which is reported as BOD5, COD.

The flotation drain is from the top of the flotation bath. The outflowing water is the result of a pre-treatment process and drains into the distribution of internal sewerage and subsequently external sewerage for biological treatment. Sediments accumulate at the bottom of the tank and need to be drained in a controlled manner. The device can be operated in fully automatic mode or some of its functions can be operated manually. These include wiping the sludge from the surface and desludging the flotation bath, which open into the pump shaft, the operation of the compressor. The control panel of the flotation unit is part of the main switchboard.


advantages of using AS-FLOT

low biomass production

low energy consumption

high biomass concentrations

low nutrient requirements

areas of application AS-FLOT


food industry

distilleries • breweries • meat processing • fruit and vegetable processing • sugar factories • fish processing • confectionery production • wineries • starch factories • production of soft drinks • yeast factories • dairies • acid production. lemon • canning • rendering plant
Ostatný priemysel

other industries

waste water from chemical production • waste water from the production of organic acids • production of paper and cardboard • pharmaceutical production