Using AS-GranBio technology, we can create aerobic granular biomass and thus intensify natural processes in wastewater treatment. Granulated biomass ensures better cooperation of individual bacterial species and thus increases the efficiency of treatment and, in addition, the separation of purified water from activated sludge is many times faster and more efficient. For this reason, one technological element that is necessary for standard technology is eliminated – the settling tank.

Granulated biomass technology enables the removal of nitrogen pollution by simultaneous denitrification, ie denitrification sections and stirrers are eliminated in the technological line. In this way, electricity consumption as well as investment costs are reduced. The new technology will make it possible to treat wastewater at a higher quality level (better cooperation of bacteria in granular form) and at the same time at lower investment and operating costs.

advantages of using AS-GranBio®

low biomass production

low energy consumption

high biomass concentrations

low nutrient requirements

main advantages of the new technology

2- 3 x

times smaller total volume of WWTP

40- 40 %

lower electricity costs

20 %

less production of excess sludge

80 %

removal of P without the need for chemical precipitants

80 %

NH4+ removal

80 %

total removal N

areas of application AS-GranBio®


food industry

distilleries • breweries • meat processing • fruit and vegetable processing • sugar factories • fish processing • confectionery production • wineries • starch factories • production of soft drinks • yeast factories • dairies • acid production. lemon • canning • rendering plant
Ostatný priemysel

other industries

waste water from chemical production • waste water from the production of organic acids • production of paper and cardboard • pharmaceutical production