ECSB reactors

ECSB reactors

The ECSB HydroThane STP design offers maximum process control due to its fully controlled hydraulic mixing by external recirculation pumping. The advantage of this solution compared to some other systems that have internal circulation is its flexible management, which does not depend on “human” controlled parameters or uncertainties such as organic COD load, biogas production, wastewater composition, biodegradability and microbiological activity of available biomass.

The construction of two separators on top of each other creates maximum stability and process capacity. In the highly loaded lower part, the main degradation of organic substances and biogas production takes place, followed by a slightly loaded part where the final treatment takes place. The settling surface in the upper part of the reactor is specially designed for optimal separation of granular biomass from treated water where the best possible outflow parameters of treated water are achieved.

advantages of using ESCB-reactors

low biomass production

low energy consumption

high biomass concentrations

low nutrient requirements

areas of application ECSB reactors


food industry

distilleries • breweries • meat processing • fruit and vegetable processing • sugar factories • fish processing • confectionery production • wineries • starch factories • production of soft drinks • yeast factories • dairies • acid production. lemon • canning • rendering plant
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other industries

waste water from chemical production • waste water from the production of organic acids • production of paper and cardboard • pharmaceutical production