UASB reactors

UASB reactors

The design of industrial WWTP technology is based on the type of wastewater, requirements for runoff parameters and investor requirements. Each design is developed according to the usual technological calculations using the most modern technological equipment, taking into account investment and operating costs. We try to solve every technological proposal as BAT technology. Since a large amount of industrial wastewater is treated using UASB reactors, and our company has in its ranks experts in the design of this type of reactors, we decided to include in the company’s portfolio their production. So far, we have successfully implemented high-performance anaerobic UASB reactors at two WWTPs.

advantages of using UASB reactors

low biomass production

low energy consumption

high biomass concentrations

low nutrient requirements

areas of application UASB reactors


food industry

distilleries • breweries • meat processing • fruit and vegetable processing • sugar factories • fish processing • confectionery production • wineries • starch factories • production of soft drinks • yeast factories • dairies • acid production. lemon • canning • rendering plant
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other industries

waste water from chemical production • waste water from the production of organic acids • production of paper and cardboard • pharmaceutical production