ASIO-SK Ltd. is a member of the Slovak Green Building Council (SKGBC)

Our company ASIO-SK Ltd. became a member of the Slovak Green Building Council.

SKGBC vision

The Slovak Council for Green Buildings advocates that economically, ecologically and aesthetically designed buildings with a healthy indoor environment, in which no energy or other resources are wasted, become commonplace.

SKGBC mission

The mission of the Slovak Green Buildings Council is to support market development and legislative changes towards sustainable construction, as well as informing and educating the public. The Slovak Green Buildings Council works to ensure that people know what buildings are sustainable, why build them and how to build them. We want to raise awareness of the benefits and opportunities of sustainable construction, available green technologies and alternatives to common building materials and processes. We want it to be built more efficiently, which presupposes good planning and active cooperation of all members of the process. We perceive all three pillars of sustainability: economics, ecology and social aspects. We realize that in the case of green buildings they must comply.

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