The Búč WWTP operator needed to expand the capacity of its WWTP from 1200 PE to 1600 PE, preferably in existing buildings. The outflow from the WWTP is to a low-water recipient and therefore the operator received from the district environmental office a permit with low runoff parameters: COD up to 70 mg / l, BOD5 up to 8 mg / l, Ntotal up to 16 mg / l and P up to 1.0 mg / l.

The original project included extension by means of activated sludge membrane separation. In terms of volume, this solution fit into the existing construction, and thus met the requirements of the investor – operator. However, when the investor asked the local water company whether such a WWTP would be taken over, he received a negative reply. Membrane separation WWTPs are difficult to operate and maintain, have high electricity consumption, require chemicals to clean the membranes and are thus more of a burden for water companies than for the benefit.

At the end of the life of the membranes, they require large reinvestments. The investor therefore began to look for a suitable technology for everyone on the market again. Due to the good reference in Veľké Kostoľany, we offered the investor an extension using AGS technology with tertiary treatment on a drum filter. 

The technology fit into the existing construction volumes = the investor was satisfied.

The technology is not difficult to operate and also not energy intensive. Electricity consumption at AGS is about 40% lower compared to conventional technology or about 70% lower compared to membrane technology.

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