WWTP AS-VARIOcomp 240 MF – Mountain hotel Sliezsky dom

Implementation date: 2008

Project: cooperation in the design of the reconstruction and intensification of the WWTP of the Mountain Hotel Sliezsky dom.

  • alpine environment
  • irregular inflow of wastewater
  • specific composition of wastewater
  • low permitted limits = MBR design

Description of WWTP

WWTPs in existing concrete tanks, which have been plasticized to ensure the watertightness of the tanks. The plasticized tanks are divided by partitions into individual technological spaces.

Two biological lines. Out of the main season, wastewater is pumped to only one line while the other line is shut down. The biological line is divided into a denitrification section, a nitrification section and a microfiltration section. In addition, the WWTP is equipped with tensometric level measurement, which reports to the control system the current state of the level in the microfiltration sections. According to these levels, the system controls the filtration through membrane modules.

ČOV AS-ANAcomb 240 Sliezsky dom
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